What is a sports rehabilitator?

By Malcolm | 21st October 2016 |

Sport Rehabilitators (GSR’s) are specialist musculoskeletal (MSK) health care providers and understanding of how they can help people is growing quickly. GSR’s specialise in assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of a wide range of MSK conditions in both general and athletic populations from amateur to elite level. Their focus is on designing and implementing effective rehabilitation plans that allow people to return to work, sport or their daily activities with ease.

Sport Rehabilitation is a “Graduate only”profession. This means that all GSR’s are educated to a minimum of BSc (hons)degree level at an accredited institution.

During their programme of study undergraduates learn the fundamental skills and knowledge in a variety of areas including: Anatomy and Physiology, Musculoskeletal Assessment, Musculoskeletal Conditions, Functional Rehabilitation, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Massage, Manual Therapy, Injury Prevention and Immediate Pitch Side Care.

The difference between a Sport Rehabilitator and Physiotherapist is that a Physiotherapist has had a much wider spectrum of training including: paediatrics, neurological conditions, cardio-respiratory disease and orthopaedics. This means that Physiotherapists have not focused as much on sport and exercise related injuries in their undergraduate training as GSRs.

BASRaT hold a register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority forHealth and Social Care. This means that registrants of BASRaT (GSR’s) are regulated by the organisation. They must adhere to a strict code of conduct and are required to complete a minimum amount of Continued Professional Development each year.

As a regulator BASRaT has a responsibility to protect the public and ensure that each person who sees a Sport Rehabilitator is able to do so in confidence. As part of this process BASRaT have a “register check” function on the website whereby members of the public can check the registration status of any individual. The register check function also allows members of the public to see any Fitness to Practice cases brought against a registrant. The online search is available at www.basrat.org/membercheck/index/false

For more information about Sport Rehabilitation as a profession, or as BASRaT as a regulator you can visit the BASRaT website. In addition to the information on the website you will also find contact details for the BASRaT office, please feel free to make contact with any questions you may have. www.basrat.org/

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